Thursday, August 15, 2013

Holistic Theory of Biological and Physiological Processes

Life or a living being (“hha ya waw”, ya(hha)) is the well-defined (closed-self) existence (assignment) (ya) of an independent (closed-self) biological process (hha).

Death (“meem waw ta”, meem() & ta()) is to be in the state (manifestation) of resting (closed-self) (meem) and to also be physically (manifestation) disconnected (open-others assignment) (ta).

Death is similar to sleep (“noon waw meem”, noon() & meem()) which is to be in the state of resting (meem) and away (open-self) from consciousness (containment) (noon).

The womb (“ra hha meem”, ra:hha<==meem) supplies (ra) nutrition (positive substance) (meem) to a living being (hha) involuntarily (in closed-self manner).

Healing (“ssad hha hha”, ssad(hha2)) is to build, defend, repair, maintain, or increase (closed-others) the cohesive (closed others) structure  (ssad) of a living being (first hha) using the living being itself (immune system, repair systems, etc.) (second hha).

Disease (“meem ra ddad”, ra:meem<==ddad) is intense activity (ra) of disorderly agents (ddad) which enter (in  closed-self manner) a person’s (closed-self) body (meem).

Pain (“hamza lam meem”, hamza:lam==>meem) is to signal (hamza) intense negative activity or violation (open-self) activity (lam) to a certain physical location (meem).

Nausea (“ghain tha ya”, tha(ghain)) is to push outside (tha) what is corrupted (ghain).

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